Graduation Day : Tassels worth the Hassle!

Congratulations, Seniors of Batch 2012 – 2013! Kudos!

I know you’re all feeling a bit mixed up about almost everything that’s going to happen in the months to come, knowing it wouldn’t be the same anymore. But trust me when I say, It’s going to be hella fun! (You’ve never seen anything better yet) I went through that stage too and you know what? I never wanted to have it any other way. I’ll try to make you veer away from the vagueness you feel, don’t worry. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you! All you have to do is grab and go for it. Let me tell you my graduation story, and how I faced my life in college.

High School. They said it’s the best part in a student’s life. Lots of friends, lots of mistakes and lessons, lots of clumsiness and whatnot. It’s the stage where you start to grow up, make better decisions for your future and just be yourself – ALWAYS BE YOURSELF. It’s the stage where everyone thinks Popularity’s the only answer to get everything (but believe me it isn’t) and where you try to fit in with the whole community. Fitting in may be good, but setting a different and rather great flow is much better. Okay, let’s make a big skip with all of these and start where it all ends. 🙂

I will never forget that day, hearing the sound of my fast-paced heart thumping and pulling me down from the ground. Actually, I almost felt numb because I was happy and eager and scared and nervous and everything all at the same time. “I’m going to graduate and I won’t be able to go in this school for the next school year, I won’t see familiar faces again rather different and odd ones, and it’s like I’m gonna start from scratch – new teachers, new classrooms, new everything” I thought, while waiting for my turn to enter the auditorium. At least I managed to walk down the aisle gracefully even though my feet were a bit wobbly. The mass started and it’s like everything’s in a cassette tape in a fast forward motion. There may have been some “slow-mo times” where you just look around you and everything seems to be falling into place. That’s where the “sinking in” stage starts (That stage may end in about a day or a week or maybe a month after, depends on you). After mass and the program where all were given recognition and awards, the closing remarks finally arrive and the Valedictorian of the batch will have a speech in front. For me, everyone must be given the chance to talk in front, for we have different experiences and lessons learned, but time is a difficult foe so yes, the Valedictorian is the only one that can speak (If you are the Valedictorian of the batch, better say everything you need to say! You’re lucky you have that op) So basically, everything’s just blurry and vague to me after that. My friends and I grabbed every bit of the moment to have photos together. Camera flashes and clicks were all over the place and we’re just there, smiling and having fun with each other. And that moment ended. We all headed in each of our families and ate and went home.

Graduation is not an ending, rather a new beginning. It’s the real deal. The nature of being new in a different place can make you very nervous (that’s okay, it’s part of it) Lucky for me, I had a few selections of what and where I will continue my studies. La Salle is a pretty big and good university (no doubt about that) and International Studies, for me, fits me best. But there’s something in me that’s telling me not to take it, rather take the one that’s going to make me feel even more challenged. It is God’s plan working on my life. I didn’t really see myself as an Interior Design student (or even as a Thomasian) but He really works in mysterious ways. He’ll put you where you’d grow best. (And He won’t fail you in any way)

Now, I’m currently a regular student in UST, taking up BS Interior Design, and I’m an upcoming 3rd year student next school year. I’m working hard on every plate, every project and every test this course gives me. The sleepless nights, the eatless days, and the tiresome weeks combined doesn’t matter to me anymore, what matters is the output I get to have after everything that I’ve done and sacrificed for. I’m really thankful that I took up this course and hopefully someday, I’d be a successful Interior Designer myself. I advice you nothing but to trust God and just do your best in everything. Everything good will fall into place. Pray hard and be happy 🙂

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